10 Reasons to buy a Polaris XP1000 VS. Polaris RZR 800

1. Polaris XP1000 suspension travel has 16” front & 18” Rear

Polaris RZR 800 suspension travel has 9” Front & 9.5” Rear

  • The suspension is the reason alone I recommend buying the Polaris XP1000
  • After a long day of off-road driving, I was pretty worn out after 75 miles in my Polaris RZR 800
  • This was one of the biggest differences between my Polaris RZR800 and the Polaris XP1000
  • I was not near as worn out after the same amount of driving in my XP1000
  • Hopping in the UTV the next day is a lot easier to do after driving the previous day and having the better suspension package

2. Polaris XP1000 has 3 drivetrain fluids to keep serviced

Polaris RZR 800 has 5 drivetrain fluids to keep serviced

  • When it comes to keeping your UTV serviced if there are fewer fluids to change you are more likely to keep the recommended maintenance schedule.
  • The XP1K fluids are easier to service than the RZR 800

3. Polaris XP1000 Air filtration system is much better designed to keep dirt out of your engine

Polaris RZR 800 Air filtration system is one of the downfalls of this model (Terrible)

  • The air filter is the lungs of our UTV’s and in the dirty, dusty conditions we all drive them in it is nice to know your engine will not be sucking in dirt all day and destroying the rings in the engine.
  • The first RZR 800’s had a real problem when real-world conditions came about the air filter literally got so dirty it sucked the air filter into the intake tube.
  • Many RZR 800’s are driving around burning oil constantly because of the bad air filtration system and have caused ring damage which makes blow by.
  • The XP1000 Air filter has a better entry for the air and the filter design is much better they still need consistent maintenance but you don’t have to worry as much
Polaris RZR 800 UTV Air filter box

Polaris RZR 800 poorly designed air filter housing and location

Polaris XP1000 air filter housing and filter

Polaris XP1000 has a much better design than the early RZR models

4. Polaris XP1000 Drivetrain belt replacement is easy and on the outside of the vehicle

  • Polaris RZR 800 Drivetrain belt replacement requires removing both seats and then you have to remove the seat belt mounting bar and then the hard to get off belt cover.
  • In the RZR 800 when getting the belt cover off you have to be some kind of a magician, kind of reminds me when I was a kid and you had those rings that you tried to get apart and it seemed impossible but with enough trying you finally get it, but not exactly sure how.

5. Polaris XP1000 Engine holds more oil at 2.57 Quarts

  Polaris RZR 800 Engine holds 2.0   Quarts

  • It does not sound like a lot more oil but it is 25% more oil in the XP1000 engine
  • If the Polaris RZR 800 is burning through oil you can easily go through 1 quart on your day of riding this is close to having major engine damage.

6. Polaris XP1000 Engine has 110 Horse Power

Polaris RZR 800 Engine has 55 Horse Power

A lot of people say well I don’t need all that horsepower.

Think back to your cars with low horsepower yes you can get around but there are times when you know that extra horsepower got you out of a bad situation

More horsepower opens more places to play with your UTV

7. Polaris XP1000 Engine is the Prostar twin and it is a very smooth vibration-free

Polaris RZR 800 Engine has a vibration built into the motor that gets annoying

The RZR 800 engine just seems to vibrate constantly and after 75 miles you get pretty tired of the vibration through your body.

Driving the RZR 800 and then test driving the XP1000 it will blow you away on how smooth the power delivery is throughout the whole range and while idling you hardly feel anything.

8. Polaris XP1000 it has larger tires helps with the smoother ride

Polaris RZR 800 has small tires less give when hitting rocks and bumps

The first thing everyone wants to add to their UTV is larger tires

This at least steps you up a couple of sizes over the RZR 800

9. Polaris XP1000 Stock seats are a real upgrade compared to the 800

Polaris RZR 800 Stock seats are absolutely terrible

The XP1000 Stock seats are not great but compared to the RZR 800 seats they are like a Cadillac

You will still want to upgrade at some point but at least you have a seat that will give you some sidebar that will help keep you in the seat when you are on those cambered hills.

10. Polaris XP1000 Interior and dash are a better design and larger interior

Polaris RZR 800 Interior is small and not much information on the dashboard

The dash on the XP1000 has a lot more information for you and this is a good thing.

More legroom helps fit the larger people not everyone is 5’6” tall like me

I am not trying to tell you the RZR 800 is a bad UTV I owned one for 3 years and at the time thought it was the cat’s meow.

But if you look at just these 10 reasons why you should consider the XP1000 over the RZR 800

The extra money you pay is easily worth having all these upgrades immediately

In December 2016 I sold my Polaris XP1000 2-seat to purchase the new 2017 Polaris Xpt just for more horsepower

I sold my XP1000 in December this is not the best time to sell a UTV but I needed to at that time it had 1100 miles and some accessories on it and finally sold for $13,700.00

The RZR 800’s were selling around $8,000.00 at that time and probably with more miles

So if you look at the upgrades the $5,700.00 increase is very cheap in the long run.

And you end up with a UTV that your wife and kids will want to keep riding.

I hope this helps with some of your purchasing decision for a UTV

There are many more UTV brands and models out there to compare I did these two because that was my own personal experience owning them and making my living working on and servicing many of the same models.

Call now for your service maintenance on your UTV