CVT Clutch

Clutch rebuilding

Looking to upgrade your clutches for better performance and shifting? Is your UTV having clutch issues or you are not sure what the problem is? Come by UTV Service and we will test drive it with you.

We have been servicing CVT clutches for Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki. I have all the tools necessary to do your clutch repair and service them the right way.

We rebuild primary and secondary CVT clutches which include removal, take them apart, and give you a complete estimate.

The finished product and service will result in better shifting with less noise and the RPM powerband where it was designed to be from the manufacturer

With our product, there is always customer support from us and the vender for our products.

  • Stop the transmission grinding shifting into gear.
  • Reduce the clacking and clicking sound by 80%
  • You will feel immediate results.
  • Smooth-shifting – no feeling of transition through the throttle.
  • Power to the ground like it was designed by the manufacturer.
  • Get more miles out of your CVT Clutch.
Polaris XPT Clutch

We have a very quick turnaround time.

Our vendor parts are usually brought in within 24 hours.

You do not leave your UTV for weeks at a time waiting to get it looked at.

You will be informed with information and pictures of the process for your UTV.

We are a Starting Line Products dealer and recommend their products.

We strive for quality work. Your UTV does not leave the shop until I am happy with the test drive and service performed.

We test-drive all the UTV’s that come into the UTV Service shop.

We strive to have your clutch system working as well, if not better than the day you purchased your UTV.

We hope to educate you on the importance of maintaining your UTV clutches so you get the most life possible out of them.

When clutch maintenance becomes part of your normal routine you will more than likely get 1000’s more miles out of them.

Our service is customized for your particular UTV riding style and needs.

With the proper clutch set up and maintenance schedule, it will be less expensive in the long run.

Our customers do have an experience when they have us service their UTV that our competition does not offer.

We inform you, the owner, with a detailed process of the procedures along with pictures showing the work performed.

UTV Service is friendly to all our great customers

We offer a simple service that will make the complete experience easy and educational with an explanation that is easy to understand.

  • No leaving your UTV Side x Side for weeks
  • No inferior parts installed
  • No unneeded items sold to you
  • No waiting weeks to get your UTV back
  • No cheap Chinese imports
  • No guessing at 290 foot-pounds torque on spider nuts we have the 3' torque wrench

Call or email now for your clutch service and estimate