Upgrade to the 2017 Polaris XPT Turbo

2015 Polaris RZR XP 1000 2-Seat

11/06/16: It has been a year ago when I decided to upgrade my Polaris RZR 800 to the Polaris XP 1000 being nervous and excited not sure what to expect of this kind of machine.

From the first ride, the end of October last year when I was breaking in the belt and engine to my latest 4-day ride in Marysvale, Utah my wife and I are having a blast!

The Polaris XP1000 compared to my RZR 800, is like comparing mom’s 1995 Toyota Corolla to a 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

Polaris XP1000

New Polaris XP1000 ready to go home!

The power and sweet tone of the exhaust are the first things you notice when hopping in this sport UTV (smile on my face), and then when you go for your day-long rides in who knows what kind of pounding terrain let’s admit it we are off-road and looking for obstacles, the suspension is smooth it soaks up those bumps in the road (smile on wife’s face)the 13” of ground clearance means you are not hitting those rocks in the middle of all the roads that the RZR 800 seemed to hit every one.

Being in the UTV service business I know firsthand that a side x side requires much more maintenance and loving care than the small ATV’s ever did. So after every outing, there is some work to be done including complete wash and drying of the machine, removing the air filter and cleaning it out along with wiping all dirt from air intake box. Checking it over including the oil level, this is all just part of ownership.

Polaris is not without their problems including major recall mine included, I promptly had the recall performed which knowing what they had replaced it was a good upgrade to the XP1000 not only for safety but repairing some weak parts with new heavy-duty parts.

In the last year, my riding experience has taken me to the mountains including some spring riding with snow, the desert in St.George, Utah and the sand dunes at Little Sahara.

As many people know I raced cars for 30 years this is in the category of extreme sports which gives you a rush like no other. This new off-road sport gives me a rush once again not as intense as my racing days but enough that I want more. I have found that the sand dunes can be the most extreme rush of the riding conditions and still be in control. The XP1000 does incredibly well in the sand dunes it took me and my friend straight up sand mountain which I had never experienced before we have so much fun on the backside in the large sand bowls I am experiencing and learning so much, the XP1000 is just an incredibly versatile play toy it lets you enjoy all kinds of terrain.

With all that being said I have decided to upgrade once again, I am looking serious into the Polaris XPT turbo, the only reason I am wanting more power is for the sand dunes otherwise the XP1000 has more power than you ever need on all other driving conditions, my 2015 Polaris has been a great machine and I have kept it in great condition it is going up for sale so if you want to look at it or want more information just let me know, there is a lot to know and understand about owning one of these machines and I will spend time showing the new owner what to keep track of and what to look for.

Looking forward to riding hard again and lets ride together!

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Until we ride again!