UTV Purchase-New vs Used Polaris

Purchasing a New vs Used UTV, Side x Side

I pick up parts for my UTV Service at a local power sports sales and service company.  While there I am always interested in how the market is trending for new and used UTVs. I have noticed, for instance, Polaris and Can-Am have had multiple price reductions. I have also noticed as much as $3500.00 rebates on some new UTVs. This has not been the case since before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. And if you finance through Polaris you could qualify for low interest rates. The new market is looking better all the time.

Since the pandemic and in the past couple of years, the used market had been the only UTVs available.  The demand was so great it drove the price to purchase them through the roof.  Consumers were paying $5000.00 + over the real value without blinking an eye.  They were feeling like they would never be able to afford a UTV if they did not buy now.

There are a lot of owners who will be stuck with their used UTVs for the above reason alone.  Most sellers are still asking way too much money above the value of what their used UTV is really worth.  Now new UTVs are beginning to crowd the dealer lots and have incentives to buy. Hopefully the used UTV seller enjoys the sport, has fun with their current UTV and are able to do all the maintenance and upkeep for it. 

True story: Regarding one of my customers who purchased his first UTV.  It is a Polaris XP 1000 that he found, for what he thought was a fair price with 4700 miles.  He was excited to be starting the UTV riding experience.

My customer drove it for the first time in the west desert of Utah and then brought it to me for some maintenance work.  After looking it over I found the shocks were leaking. We did a full-service fluid maintenance and had to rebuild the front shocks.

The customer’s second ride was in the mountains. He quickly found out, the hard way, about how clutches on the XP 1000 will not hold you back when going down a hill and they are even worse at it when the clutch is completely worn out. After he used his brakes all the way down the hill he lost his pedal, burnt up his brake pads and was scared to death. He brought his UTV back to me to look at his brakes and clutches.

Worn out Polaris secondary clutch/ New upgraded clutching

Worn out Polaris secondary clutch/ New upgraded clutching

The secondary clutch was completely worn out and the square pucks had worn heavily into the main body of the clutch. The primary clutch had grooves in the sheaves and wore out the side where the puck slides are.  The brake pads were heat cracked and worn ⅔ the way through.  I recommended scuffing all the brake rotors, new pads, brake fluid flush and bleeding. This is what it would take to make his UTV safe and drivable. We would have to rebuild his rear shocks before too long.       

Walker Evans Shocks. Used vs New

Walker Evans shocks need rebuilt. Rebuilt Walker Evans Shocks


My customer had to invest an additional $4000.00 to the cost of his used UTV.  Knowing this now he may have considered purchasing a new UTV.

When the owner of a used UTV is selling, he will tell you about all the add-ons he installed and try to convince you that his choices of accessories are worth the extra money he is asking. 

If you consider what is happening in the new market today  you will think twice before purchasing a high priced used UTV.  For instance, the newer UTVs are sold  with accessories that are standard, not upgrades or add-ons.  We will use the 2024 Polaris XP 1000 Ultimate all new design standard accessories: 

 2024 Ultimate Polaris XP 1000 standard accessories.

  • New solid half doors (add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Friction hinged tonneau cover to protect your cargo(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Front bumper w/tiedown(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Ride command w/rear camera
  • Sub-zero harnesses
  • Integrated front door bags(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Rear view and side mirrors(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • 30x10R-14 Trail Master X/T2.0 tires(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Front and Rear LED Accent lights(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Stronger Prop Shaft(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Stronger Axles(add-ons for the older UTV)
  • Poly Roof(add-ons for the older UTV)

New upgrade parts and accessories for the new Polaris’s that CAN NOT BE ADDED to a used Polaris UTV

  • Chromoly frame – 25% stiffer and stronger. The top race cars have Chromoly frames!
  • T-Bar handle that is your built in wheel lug wrench
  • 12.5:1 Compression with 114 HorsePower(upgrade)
  • Engine Knock Sensor to still run 87 Octane
  • Lower gear range with new Transmission(upgrade)
  • Geared Reverse(Older Polaris had chain)
  • Better clutch cooling and ducting-makes for longer belt life
  • 900 Watt charging system (standard used UTV 550 watt)
  • Six Position Pulse Bar for adding more accessories

For the difference of around $4000.00 you could own a 2023 Polaris XP 1000. There are many new and upgraded accessories that make the new UTV so attractive, and 90% of the time you can get a better finance rate through your local dealers.


As long as the used UTV prices remain high, I would go to the nearest reputable dealer and get a real out-the-door estimate before I would pull the trigger on used vs new.  The used market will have to aggressively begin to lower their prices or they may have to continue paying their current monthly payments. 

Good luck on your quest to find the perfect UTV to purchase. Hopefully this article will give you some needed information to help with your decision.

Thanks for reading.