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What’s in your Shop?

Our direction here at UTV Service is suspension and shock servicing in a unique way.

With the very high cost of these UTVs the shocks are a maintenance item and if they get a lack of service there will be a day that gets really expensive-you can relate this with the dentist - no service - sooner or later you will have to pull them off and throw them in the trash.

The new sport Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Honda, these high-end UTV’s all have very high-end adjustable shocks from manufactures Fox, Walker Evans, King Shocks, and they all have recommended service intervals on these shocks

With our new service, the customer will have more information about their suspension set-up and have more important knowledge to make when upgrading or servicing your springs and shocks.

Here at UTV Service, we have been upgrading our tools and equipment in 2018.

We just wanted to talk about the pieces of equipment and what each does and why I trust it and will benefit you.

Longacre Wireless Computer scales

Wireless scales are able to test and get the complete weight of your UTV with all your accessories included, along with each individual corner weights and front to rear weights.

This will give you better and more information to help make your buying decision when you are upgrading your spring package.

Let’s say you are packing a couple hundred more pounds than the average UTV you may well want 25-50 lbs. heavier springs on this compared to average.

Weight Scales

Longacre Billet Aluminum Electronic Coil Spring Tester

Coil spring rate tester gives exact information on what the spring ratings are on your UTV and with our ongoing testing we are finding out that spring companies selling there kits are not even the same, for more on this visit my blog post

OTC Strut Tamer Extreme

OTC Strut Tamer Extreme- This tool is more for my safety when taking springs off of coil over shocks it is designed to keep the spring and shock in place and with the way it hooks on to each coil making it lock onto each coil making it impossible to come flying off.

If you have ever used a cheap spring compressor you know how scary it can be to use.

This Strut Tamer does not come in contact with the shock body at all preventing any damage or scraping along the shock body like the cheap tool can and will do. This is great if you care about how your suspension ends up looking.

IMG_0183 (2)
Nitrogen Tank Filler

Shock rebuild and servicing tools

Nitrogen bottle and filling station is what is required to charge up your gas shocks and know you have the exact amount required by the manufacture of your brand of shocks.

Never fill your shocks with compressed air it will lead to corrosion and rust on the inside of the shock reservoir and the compressed air expands more under heat and there is a lot of heat generated in a shock under high loads while riding.

Thank you for trusting us and hope this will give you the peace of mind that when you see my testing and rates you will know it is with the best equipment out there.