Shock Rebuilding Process

  • Clean shock assembly in solvent and then soapy water in a large plastic tub to make sure no damage to the shock absorber and blow off excess water.
  • Print out shock and spring chart for a complete write up on current shock and spring set up before and after includes measure springs and all collars etc.
  • Remove spring assemblies from the shock body.
  • Inspect complete shock assembly for physical problems and note.
  • Check nitrogen charge on all shocks and log on set up sheet.
  • Remove valve core or insert tool for releasing all nitrogen out of shock assembly.
  • Move nitrogen fill cap and remove retaining clip and then remove cap assembly.
  • Drain any oil out of nitrogen chamber.
  • Measure IFP valve and log spec on set up sheet.
  • Remove IFP valve assembly and drain all fluid out of shock reservoir piggyback or remote.
  • Remove cap assembly and retaining ring or nuts on shock body and remove piston shaft.
  • Remove nut, shims, and piston from shock shaft. Tie together all valve stack assemblies and clean the entire assembly.
  • Remove seals from all parts clean and replace with new seals.
  • Clean everything one more time and get ready for installation including clean and lube heims ends.
  • Build the shock shaft assembly parts back together for install.
  • Add Amsoil Shock Therapy Suspension* fluid to the body of shock and install IFP valve and cycle through to eliminate all air in the fluid reservoir, set IFP distance to factory setting.
  • Install shock shaft assembly and cycle to remove air in the shock body.
  • Install everything in the opposite order to complete shock rebuild.
  • Complete nitrogen recharge to factory settings these are different depending on the make of shock and UTV.
  • Measure spring rates with Longacre spring tool, note on set up sheet.
  • Install spring assemblies on shock and finish up assembly if dual-rate set shock spring collars for proper depth to make dual-rate work correctly.
  • Install on vehicle and set proper ride height.

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