Walker Evans Shocks

Walker Evans has been a major player in the shock business for UTV’s

The most used shock for the Polaris XP series including XP 1000, XP 900's with their 2” front & 2.5” rears now the Velocity 3” series shocks.

These shocks are great for rebuilding and have a very long life span if manufacture recommended service is a regular part of your shock maintenance plan.

About the only way you destroy one of their shocks is to crash and bend the shaft and even then it can be repaired.

When a UTV manufacturer goes to Walker Evans and has them build shocks for a particular brand and model Walker
Evans has a maximum dollar amount that can be spent on the particular shock along with they will have to be built for a general all-around purpose to fit a variety of driving styles and conditions.

With this being said when you buy your UTV and you have certain driving styles and your particular rides you take It on there is a lot of changes and valving that can be done to fit your own style of driving.

This includes spring changes, valving, rebuilding with new fluid and seals. Dual rate springs with collars.

Walker Evans recommends servicing your UTV shocks every year or 1500 miles this is what it will take to keep your shocks great for many years to come.

I believe Walker Evans is a great shock especially if you service it according to their specifications.

Seals, springs, Fluid all wear and will go bad making your shock sag, cavitation in the fluid. Nitrogen will pass into the fluid through worn-out seals etc.

We use Amsoil Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid*

Let us help you keep your Walker Evans UTV shocks to surpass your every need with our shock service.

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Walker Evans #2
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Walker Evans Needle Valve Shock