Shock Rebuilding

Why is it so important to maintain your shock absorbers?

The sport & trail UTV’s of today have some of the best shocks made for off-road side x sides.

Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Textron, and Honda all have high-grade coil-over shocks, including Walker Evans, Fox, and Elka shocks.

These coil-over shock and spring assemblies have multiple adjustments and options for even better handling.
Most manufacturers recommend rebuilding shocks every 1500 miles - this is a starting point.

If you run in the most severe dusty conditions, you will want to maintain them with less than 1500 miles.

Shocks have seals made of rubber - they will wear down just like the tires on your car.

Shock oil works just like the fluids in your car - it helps with cleaning the dirt that gets into the shaft seals.

Shock oil breaks down with heat, and there is a lot of heat created when riding hard in the sand dunes or desert.

New shocks cost up to $5,000.00 per set. This is a big part of the cost of the UTV.

If you do not service these shocks on a regular basis, one day you will be buying a whole new set of shocks.

When you rebuild shocks, they will work just like new, if not even better than new.

Your 5-10-year-old shock can work like new and this will save you money.

Shocks on your UTV are just like the ones in your car. They start losing their responsiveness slowly, so you don’t realize how much your ride has deteriorated until you buy new ones. The advantage of our UTV shocks is that they can be rebuilt as long as they have not been destroyed by waiting too long before rebuilding.

I have seen sets of shocks we’ve had to throw in the garbage can because they keep riding on them well after they are knocking and leaking fluid-these are all signs of your shocks needing attention now!

In my circle track racing days, we were not allowed to run coil-over shocks. For quite a while we could not run rebuildable shocks, so our team had approximately 12 shocks ready to bolt on for the different handling conditions or different race tracks we were running. This is how we made our adjustments to the car with the shock change.

Now my Polaris XPT side x side has shocks on it that I could have only dreamed of having on my race car.
Coil-over shocks - you can’t get a better spring-shock combination to work at its peak.

Rebuilt shocks keep you from having to buy new shocks when the life of the shock is used up.

There is the possibility of valving the shocks for different riding conditions to meet your individual needs.

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What you get when you have UTV Service complete your shock service:

  • Shock set up-page for all your spring and shock specifications
  • Shock worksheet to have the starting point of all adjustments
  • Printable set-up sheets to keep track of your adjustments made for each style of ride
  • All new shock oil and seals along with all hard parts inspected for wear
  • Amsoil Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid.*
  • 34+ years of experience, along with my own testing and riding with basically the same shocks you have on your UTV
  • Having lived in Utah all my life, the capital of UTV riding

What you won’t get when UTV Service completes your shock service.

  • Your nitrogen charge won’t be uneven
  • Your wife yelling at you to slow down
  • You won’t be sold something that is not needed
  • You won’t be sold inferior products
  • As a generic UTV service center, we focus on shocks
  • A secret method…we will just execute better
  • You won’t destroy your shocks because of lack of service
  • You won’t be disappointed in our service
  • You will never be treated like a number

Other shops promote themselves we promote the customer involvement.

We promise if you are not satisfied with our service we will redo it for free - Guaranteed!

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