Polaris RZR 1000 Clutch

Why Your Polaris UTV Clutch Needs An Upgrade

Clutch jerk and clanking sound on takeoff and shifting:

Do you want your Polaris to take off smooth, and mellow out on the clicking?

It’s not always the drive belt’s fault.

The secondary clutch on this vehicle from Polaris is Team Industries, similar to a golf cart style. The secondary, along with square pucks, is basically flopping around until it is mounted on the secondary shaft.

Team Industries was hired by Polaris to build the 2016 and newer clutch. The only reason was to save money on every UTV sold. It turns out, in the long run, to cost the customer hundreds of dollars to upgrade back to what used to come stock on 2015 models.

The clutch used on your 2016-2019 Polaris XP900 or XP1000 is a Team Boss clutch.  Boss stands for “built on secondary shaft”, basically how we can make a cheaper clutch. This, in turn, makes for a less quality clutch that will show its ugly face a lot sooner after riding your UTV.

Its life is short to live as a nice smooth, quiet take-off operation.  Soon it will be clanking, and not shifting smoothly, and the square pucks will be wearing out the aluminum slides on the clutch housing completely, destroying the clutch itself.

The 2015 RZR 900 & XP1000 came with a Team Tied driven clutch, which is a better clutch all around because of the way it slides and the size of the main collar and helix size.

  • The rollers are round not square.
  • The aluminum slide part of the actual clutch housing is much thicker with the Team Tied clutch.
  • It is a fully self-contained secondary clutch – meaning it has a built-in shaft holding everything together before it is on the transmission.
  • A stronger hub surface to handle heat better.

Our conversion for your 2016 & newer Polaris driven clutch is to install a Team Tied clutch that will fit your transmission output shaft on your XP1000, RZR1000 S, XP900, RZR900, RZR 900 trail.

2016 Polaris RZR 1000

2016 Polaris RZR 1000 Secondary clutch upgrade and clutch kit

Polaris Boss Secondary Clutch

2016-2020 Polaris RZR 900 Secondary with square pucks

It solves multiple problems and is the best answer for your clutching needs and upgrades for:

  • Larger tires and wheels which create more heat because of belt slip
  • Heat in the clutch cover area
  • Power changes in engine
  • Exhaust
  • Reduced clutch temperature resulting in longer belt life.

Cost of conversion is

Team Tied Driven Clutch Assembly       $379.00

Helix                                                            $79.00

Spring                                                          $27.95

Belt                                                               ????

+ Labor = Call for your specific UTV

I would highly recommend a new belt to make this clutch work best along with a high load clutch kit to help solve issues that come with changes in elevation, large heavier tires, and wheels.

  • Higher altitude clutch kit to increase RPM to match the power band Your UTV was designed for.
  • Reduce belt slip because of the loss of power from the altitude.
  • The heat caused by too much belt slip caused by the lower power due to high altitude.
  • Reduce belt heat from the heavier load created by heavier larger tires and wheels.
  • Eliminates most of the clutch clanking and clicking sounds


If you would like a real-world example of what a clutch kit installed means, read more on this topic.

Clutches require maintenance just like all other areas of your UTV, including constant removal of your clutch cover to blow out (with compressed air) to get all the dirt and sand that is destroying the clutch quickly.

CVT Clutches should be completely removed and taken apart at least every other year of owning your UTV and more if you ride in very dusty conditions.

No cleaning and maintaining your CVT clutches usually end up with the complete replacement of everything at about 1300-1500 miles that can and will cost you $1500.00-2000.00 because it will destroy the clutches beyond rebuilding.

Do you have a Polaris XPT Turbo looking for an upgrade?

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Until we ride again.