UTV Service Salt Lake Off-Road Expo

The Salt Lake Off-Road Expo – SLORE

This was a last-minute decision to spend the money and take UTV Service out to the public with the big boys!

It took me right out of my comfort zone, even though I love talking with customers. But, just sitting in front of my little small booth for more than 10 hours a day, greeting and meeting people, interested or not, was not necessarily my thing.

I almost backed out of this show because, at first, I was going to team up with another vendor and he had too many things going on to make it that weekend. Luckily my friend, Pat, told me to do it anyway, and he would help me out at the show.

There were two weeks to the start of the show at this time, and I had never put on a vender booth before. So, I started getting everything together that we thought might be needed, including looking up on Google to find what is needed at trade shows.

I got several emails out to all of my customers to let them know we would be a vendor at the show and to please come by and say hi if they got a chance.

Next was rounding up the necessary items to display and get the flyers made for my offers. Then order or borrow whatever I did not have myself and get them all coming.

Pat and I met several times before the show to go over what we would concentrate on promoting, which is my four main areas of UTV needs.

Move-in was Thursday and we were practically the first ones there, so we drove the truck and trailer right up to our little spot. The minimum of the booth is 10’X10’, and my UTV that is in the show is about 10’1” long!

We got everything set up and ready for the opening the next day at noon. When we left, there was quite a bit of business and people setting up, and it looked like there would be more than last year based on what we could see!

Salt Lake Off-Road Exp

Pat & Gary for UTV Service

Friday was opening day, and we got there at about 11:15 to set up the table and get ready. When we walked in, we could not believe all the vendors and activities going on! We talked with the group running the show, and they said it was about 30% bigger than last year.

When they opened the doors at noon, there was a steady stream of people up to about 3:00. Then it turned into so many that the isles were getting wall- to- wall people! It was great, and we were meeting a lot of folks who all had similar interests.

The next morning was Saturday and the show started at 9:00 A.M. Getting up this morning was not as easy… we were both pretty tired from the day before and Pat was starting to lose his voice it was more work than I expected.

Saturday opened with a bang, and there were great big crowds all day long. My guess is that it rivals the car shows etc., on the number of visitors. Every year there are more exciting side x sides and every kind of accessory you could ever want for your particular UTV.

I was able to see many of my customers and meet some of their families. This was one of the best things about the show, and to be able to meet so many visitors along with many of the great vendors that I get to know in this business.

A small business like mine has to watch where my advertising dollars are spent, and I need the best bang for the buck. For the marketing dollars, this had to be one of the best places my money was spent all year!

Thank you to all who came by the UTV Service booth and said hi and listened to our spiel on suspension set up…along with my mom who has supported me in all my endeavors in my life.

This was the first SLORS event for us, but it won’t be the last. It was a great success and I’m looking forward to next years already.

Till we ride again!