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Will your Side X Side UTV make it through the winter?

Side X Side Maintenance

Is it the end of the season for taking your UTV riding?  This is the best time to have its services performed. There are usually discounts available to service it in the winter months. Amsoil has a fuel stabilizer for long term storage, and Amsoil quick shot in case you had to use Ethanol base…

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Stop the Tin Can Sound in Your Polaris UTV Differential

If you own or ever had a Polaris XP 2014 + up, you probably have heard your front differential making weird noises or some bad vibrations – I know it happened on my 2015 Polaris XP1000. This was my first Polaris XP1000. I bought it brand new in late 2015 and was excited to go…

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Clutches costing you money on UTV / Side x Side

UTV Service

These are things that will cost you lots of money unless you know about them before you purchase your new UTV. Cost of repairs because of lack of knowledge about high maintenance We all know that servicing and maintaining a UTV is needed and recommended. Most of us have had cars and trucks which require…

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