2017 Polaris XPT Turbo – CVT Clutch Kit Best Upgrade

2017 Polaris XPT Turbo

Installing an SLP HL 4500+ Altitude kit with Magnum force weights & power pucks Why do I want this clutch kit and what am I hoping to accomplish with this service? A smoother transition from the take-off with less clanking sound. Better engagement to help with the rock crawling and technical rides. Higher RPM’s throughout…

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UTVs in the Hunting World

UTV Hunting Rig

UTVs are becoming the new choice for hunters. This bow hunt has shown that UTVs are becoming one of the hunter’s choices of vehicle. They are smaller than a truck or jeep and much lighter. You can drive around all day, and go through about five gallons of fuel. I look forward to the bow…

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Best accessories on your UTV Side x Side list

UTV Accessory

Have you ever wondered what accessories you want to add to your UTV first? I have been riding UTVs for the last six years now and have always had accessories on my UTV.  I see people buying and adding accessories with no random thoughts about what should come first, and let me tell you a…

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Muddy UTV Ride in Eureka, Utah

UTV throws mud

 It is time for UTV Service’s first group ride together. After talking with our friend, Lance, he gave me an idea about a ride around Eureka, Utah. I have traveled through this town a dozen times in the last few years heading to our local sand dunes. Lance had worked with Nick Castleton, Mayor of…

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Spring riding in the Uintah Mountains

06/06/14: It is the 1st of June and I want to go for a ride on my Polaris. It is time to test my new wheels and ITP tires. With this set up I am now back to the 50” machine, so I can drive through all the gates the forest service has put up…

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