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Suspension Set Up on UTV Side X Side, Polaris, Can-Am and How It Compares to a Circle Track Race Car

Have you ever set your ride height suspension on your Can-Am X3 or Polaris XPT after they are a couple of years old?

After trying for about an hour to get the preload rings to move with the special tool that comes in your tool bag from the dealer, you now have the palm of your hand hurting so bad because it is digging into your hand just to move it 1/8 of a turn in.

You head over to YouTube to find how they do it and get the trick to make it easier. The guy on the video or on google tells you how easy it is – that you can do it while having a beer and it will be done!

When they say how easy it is, I believe what they are telling you is, on a technical side, it is a 2 out of 5 on the scale.

What they do not tell you is that it is very time consuming and will probably take a six-pack of beer each to get the springs set up, and the last two hours go by without thinking about it.

When you are a business, time is how you make your money.  So, do not think a business is ripping you off when they quote you more than the general public tells you what they feel it should cost to do a certain job.

If you have ever tried to adjust your ride height on an X3 Can-am that was not brand new, you probably found out the shocks have to come completely out of the car and be placed in a spring compressor to move the adjusting pre-load spring down 15 turns, possibly. Then it is just a guess, and you might have to repeat the process another time to get it right.

Can Am Side X side

Can-Am X3 XRS Turbo Fox Shock Dual-Rate Suspension

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2020 Polaris Pro XP 4-Seat Turbo Fox IBS Side x Side UTV

My guess is that after you and your buddy have a 6-pack of beer drunk, close becomes perfect and you call it at that.

My suspension service is meant to get your ride height set properly, and hopefully will gain you ground clearance along with a much better ride, because it is properly tuned to settings that the manufacture recommends.

When we started dominating the circle track racing in 2003, it was in most part because the race car now came with a set-up manual.

It was called a “Lefthander Modified”, and this was the first time a company supplied a set- up manual with the car when you bought it new from them.

I have always felt I am a good student of learning because I would apply what the mentor was teaching me, and the car manual became my mentor.

We set up our brand -new car in 2003 exactly how the manual told us to, and we came out and completely dominated the racing that year.

We won 50% of all main events that year and won the championship 3 weeks before the season ever even ended.

We accomplished this because we applied what the design of this car was meant to do when it was set up properly with the right springs, ride heights, and shock settings along with proper alignment.

Now to bring this thinking over to the UTV side of it, when the suspension ride height is set up properly along with proper alignment, you will have a good handling side x side.

Then when you want to take it to another level of ride and performance, let us install a dual-rate spring set up. This will give you a much plusher ride, but will also handle the hard hits even better than before.

But here is what I see a lot – when people have set up the dual-rate spring kit, the settings never were right, and they, in turn, did not see the big upside of this spring upgrade.

If you want your UTV Side x Side handling and the best ride possible with the springs you have or want to step up and get a new dual-rate spring kit, give me a call and we can make this happen!

I always love to see the look on clients’ faces when they come and pick up their side x side after they have me set up the suspension – it is one of their most notable changes you can do for your UTV!

Until we ride again,

Gary Madsen