Service Maintenance

Polaris XP RZR / Ranger UTV Yearly Maintenance Package 100 Hour / 1000 Mile Service

Drivetrain Service

  • Service engine oil and oil filter replacement.
  • Lubricate all grease zerk fittings
  • Service transmission assembly fluid.
  • Service front 4 wheel drive differential with new fluid.
  • Remove air filter and clean out along with clean inside of air box assembly apply a thin layer of grease to the mating area.
  • Check and top off antifreeze and brake fluid reservoirs.

Suspension inspection

  • Check steering and suspension front and rear for movement and lose parts
  • Check power steering
  • Check steering rack and pinion boots for tears or cracks.
  • Check CV axle boots for tears or cracking
  • Check wheel bearings for looseness.
  • Align front end.

Fuel system

  • Pressurize fuel system and check for leaks in lines and fittings.

Clean battery terminals and test battery

Check brake pads for wear

Inspect shift cable

Torque wheel nuts to factory spec.

Front end alignment
Polaris XP1000
Amsoil UTV Fluids

Service Maintenance Package

Amsoil synthetic UTV 5W-50

Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid

Amsoil synthetic front drive fluid

Wix 21 micron oil filter

K&N air filter sealing grease.

Misc. antifreeze, solvents, cleaners, lubricant, grease, dot 4 brake fluid.

Our service provides

Get the metal out of the drivetrain from the original build process

36 years of service expertise

Currently, own and operate a Polaris XPT

8 years in UTV Service business.

Quality brand fluid and filters.

  • No inferior parts

  • NO untrained technicians

  • No dealer

  • No middle man

  • No service manager

  • Will not leave your UTV for 2-3 weeks

  • Will not be sold anything your vehicle does not need

No secret to our method. We just get it done!