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Are you in the market for a UTV? Get 10 Tips Before Making a Purchase:

UTV Suspension

Can you afford the cheapest service quote?

Are service businesses created equal? I have struggled with this business problem for a very long time. Being in the service business for over 30 years, it is still surprising to me how many people and business owners look at all services as equal. I have learned this lesson over and over again, sometimes the…

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UTV Sway Bars-Who needs them?

Let’s talk about sway bars Modern UTVs have sway bars. Some UTVs have them just on the rear and some have them front and rear The big perception of a sway bar it keeps you level or closet to in high-speed turns This is true but there are many other factors that come to play…

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Dual Rate Spring Comparison for 2017 Polaris RZR Turbos

I have done some research on dual-rate spring comparisons with my own 2017 Polaris XTP 2-Seat and my friends Pat Cayton on his 2017 Polaris XPT 2-Seat. All you have to do is read the magazine articles and many advertising pages to know there is a lot of spring and shock upgrades that can be…

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The UTV Suspension That Broke Our Back!

Let me tell you a story about my 2017 Polaris XPT 2-Seat Fox Edition I love this Polaris, and it takes me places and will go farther than I, myself, can make it. I am not an expert rock crawler – in fact, I am scared of heights. So, the first thing I have to…

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Wildcat 1000 Feeling a little too Low

Thinking of larger tires for more ground clearance for your UTV Have you ever wondered why your buddies UTV looks like it doesn’t hit as many rocks in the trail as yours does? Matt came in for some routine service maintenance and this was the first time since owning this Arctic Cat that he bought…

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A tiny little taste of what the off-road racers feel

On November 18, 2018, Jackie & I got an invitation to go for a nice long desert ride in our UTV’s from our friends, Lance & Shannon they ride an Arctic Cat trail 700. We first had declined this trip because of a property sale that looked like it would not go through. We were…

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