Can you afford the cheapest service quote?

Are service businesses created equal?

I have struggled with this business problem for a very long time.

Being in the service business for over 30 years, it is still surprising to me how many people and business owners look at all services as equal.

I have learned this lesson over and over again, sometimes the very expensive way!

We see businesses and customers wanting the cheapest quote to get the work done that they require.

More times than not, you pay many times over to fix the very poor service performed, and sometimes it does not even get finished!

I personally want to save as much money as possible when getting my services performed.


I will use a UTV accessory and install experience for an example:

A customer had a brand- new winch installed on his 2015 Polaris RZR XP1000. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob went to the local popular service center to buy his winch and have them install it. They had the lowest price around, and it was priced lower than my shop could even buy a quality winch.

After Bob got his Polaris RZR XP1K home, he took a look at his new shiny winch assembly.

He noticed that there were wires hanging down, and it did not look quite the way he expected.

Polaris UTV's in for maintenance

UTV’s in the shop ready for maintenance and accessories installation

Polaris XP1000 in UTV Service Shop

Notice the clean shop conditions for servicing your expensive Side x Sides

Accessory Fuse Panel for Polaris

Accessory fuse panel with wiring installed-look at the wiring closely and see that all wires have heat-shrink installed along with the clean placement

Not familiar with winch and wiring install, he tried it out. The winch cable would not spool in while pressing the in button.

Bob needed some service maintenance, so he called me up to see if I could get his XP1000 in the shop. Bob had been reading on my website, and he had read enough to know he liked what he had read and was ready to give me try. When Bob came in, he let me know about his winch and wondered if I could repair what was wrong with his new winch and installation. I asked Bob why he did not take it back to the shop that had installed it. Bob let me know he did not want to take it back in because he had such a bad experience and was willing to pay me to fix it correctly.

After I dove in and checked out what Bob was concerned with, I was shocked to see how it had been wired up! The wires were everywhere – not tied down or running along with existing wiring. The winch relay had been mounted directly over the fuse panel. If Bob would have had to replace or check a fuse, he would have had to remove the winch relay in order to get access to the fuse panel.

After looking at Bob’s Polaris RZR it was easier for me to remove all existing winch wiring, and to start over from scratch, including remount relays and fuse holders. The cost of me to re-wire his winch and mounting of relays was as much as Bob paid for his poor install. So, next time, get several service quotes. Make sure you call references and perform some due diligence before you ever have any work done.

Trying to save some money with poor service will cost you many times more in the long run. There is a good chance that when you go to use whatever you had installed, it just might not work.
It could save you thousands of dollars! So, do your homework and find a quality reputable service center.

Absolutely – service businesses are not created equal!

If you need service or some accessories installed on your UTV please give us a call or email now.

Until we ride again.