Can-Am X3 Turbo R UTV

Can-Am X3 Front Suspension Upgrade.

Don’t wait until you have bent up A-arms on your epic ride in your Can-Am X3.

Is there a weak spot in your front suspension? Yes, it is, right from the factory.

Recently we have had several Can-Am X3’s come in with drastically bent lower control arms coming from two separate instances.

The Can-Am X3 Turbo R went over a sand dune, came down mostly on the left front wheel, ended up bending the lower left A-arm, and his trip was over.

The second Can-Am X3 was following too close at high speed, when a Can-Am Maverick Max in front of him hit a motorcycle, which flipped completely over it and landed behind the Maverick. The person in the X3, instead of hitting the guy on the motorcycle, hit his left front into the right rear of the Maverick Max, bending the left lower A-Arm so much it had to be towed away.

Client # 1 decided he wanted to upgrade his front suspension with us and chose the SuperATV High clearance boxed A-Arms upper and lower with the heavy duty 4340 chromoly ball joints.

When we removed all the front suspension, the thin plate that holds the front bolts for the control arms and supports the radiator and front-end assembly were all bent up.

The front support for the A-Arms is so weak, it bends right with the A-Arms, so instead of just replacing this $90.00 piece of tin he chose to go with the SuperATV front winch ready bumper.

This bumper also becomes the front support for the A-Arm mounts, is about 1/4” thick, and will keep the A-Arms supported without bending on every small hit.

The other advantage it that it holds the front radiator and supports it much stronger and gives a nice front end protection for the Maverick X3. Now when he is ready for a winch, the mounting is already in place.

When replacing these control arms to do it properly, you will need to purchase new control arm bushings and sleeves. And do not reuse the thin protection plates, but make sure to buy them new from the Can-Am dealer. You will need 8 of them.

After getting this all together and then setting up the alignment, including camber at the lower adjustable A-arms, and then setting toe in to match the steering wheel for center, this upgrade is easily noticeable. This system is so much stronger than the stock parts.

Can-Am X3 Turbo R

Can-Am Turbo R Front Suspension upgrade.

The Can-Am X3 is a great UTV and will provide you many hours of so much fun for you and your family, but they have some weaknesses that will end your fun weekend way too soon.

There are a lot of options of aftermarket parts to help solve this problem with the front suspension.

I just wanted you to see what we did to help solve this customer’s problem and make his Can-Am X3 Turbo R better than it came from the factory, and here are some pictures of how it looks after it is finished.

These high performance UTV’s are one of the most fun sports that have ever come about. The horsepower they are coming with right from the factory is just amazing and almost too fast for the inexperienced new rider.

When you strap yourself into these high horsepower machines, make sure to have as much safety gear as possible and know that the UTV in stock form will take you from 0-85 MPH quickly, but the stock suspension will not handle hitting obstacles very well.

If you happen to have an incident and are thinking about upgrading your suspension and need a shop to help you out with this job please give us a call.

Until we ride again

2018 Can Am X3 Turbo R

Can-Am X3 Turbo R UTV Suspension SuperATV front reinforced bumper bracket