A trip to Sand Hollow and We forgot our Polaris!?

Jackie and I decided to take a trip to Sand Hollow resort and spend a couple of days there soaking up the sun in December!

We hopped in the Subaru after packing up the golf clubs and bags, set the car on cruise and got out of the mad rush that the Salt Lake Valley has become. At least as soon as you get past Utah County, the speed limit goes to 80mph. That makes for a pretty quick trip! It does not seem too long ago when 55 mph was the top speed – WOW, how things have changed.

One of the things we like to do while driving is to listen to motivational books on our smartphones. I am so lucky that Jackie will do this with me!  This particular trip I downloaded a new book, “You are a Badass at Making Money”.  Sounded well to me and after listening, it was a great book… if you want to make more money! And we all know, if you own a UTV you will need more money!money-mouth

We got down to Sand Hollow resort just at dusk. Instead of turning left into the state park, we turned right into the resort where we would be staying – right on the golf course.

As soon as we headed toward Hurricane, we immediately ran into people driving their UTVs all over the town – it calls to you to be out there, riding in your own UTV.

We unpacked our bags into the brand- new resort lodge suites, and in the hallways, you can smell the fresh paint on the walls.

They had just opened up the #6 building of the condo suites, and the view out of our window was breathtaking!

We headed over to the lodge and sat down to have their Friday night prime rib dinner, looking over the desert golf course where we will be playing the next day.cool

Out on the patio, they have a nice fire pit where you can hang out and keep warm while making plans for your next couple of days.

Saturday morning came a little earlier than normal

Did not sleep so great the first night.foot-in-mouth  So, let’s go take some pictures of Sand Hollow state park, and we might get some photos with the sun coming up.

Then we can go play a round of golf.

Are we crazy that we did not bring our UTV?  What the heck am I going to do for two days looking at the sandhill of the park from our lodge? As we were golfing on Saturday,

I heard the low- end roar, and then watched those sport UTV’s, ATV’s, and motorcycles blasting their way up the main sand dunes… with roost shooting out the back, heading toward the top end of where you can see from the road.