Maintenance Time

2017 Polaris XPT Turbo UTV Side X Side 100 Hour Service Maintenance

It is September 4, 2019, and my 2017 Polaris XPT is almost 3 years old and it has about 2600 miles.

This last hunt I was in it about 9 days driving around the mountains and I have put a maintenance list together that is needed and wanted for service and upgrades including repair.

While out hunting and riding this year these are the things I have noticed that need some attention.

Brakes-my brakes have been squeaking all year mainly due to my leaving the emergency brake on and forgetting to take it off for about 5 miles

Sway bar links-the stock links start to make a loud clicking sound and have run two sets of stock links and both of them start clicking loud. We will be installing a good set of aftermarket links.

Ball Joints– The stock ball joints have served me well over the last three years they just have started getting some unwanted movement in them. I will replace them with a stronger aftermarket ball joint. I do not need the real expensive race joint it is overkill for my style of driving.

Clutch Kit and rebuild. It is time to rebuild my clutches and at the same time will be installing a Starting line products HL 4500+ and magnum force weights.

Front differential-I will be rebuilding the front differential there have been no problems with it but after rebuilding Pat’s XPT with the Sandcraft updated bearings there is a huge difference between bearings.

Winch– I will be servicing my winch while I have it out getting to the front differential, I will be checking the synthetic rope, wiring connections and ease of operation. The blog post talks about how important a winch to me is.

Shock rebuilding– It is overdue for my shocks to be rebuilt and I will be doing this service to all 4 of my IBP Fox shocks-Manufacture recommended maintenance

Valve adjustment. I will be adjusting all my valves and this will take new pucks to get the proper clearance for the engine.

Till we ride again.